Alerts: Week beginning 18.9.17

Alert: report of an incident in the West Bromwich area
Reported by social media posts on Monday 18 September 2017
Reports have come to our attention, through social media posts, of two incidents in the West Bromwich area near George Salter Academy.One incident reports a teenage female walking past the school at approximately 4.40pm, when she noticed a green Ford Focus car in a parking bay outside the school on Dudley Street. The car was parked with the engine running and hazard warning lights on. As she walked past the car, the male driver caught her attention. He appeared to be naked from the waist down. Maintaining eye contact with her, the man proceeded to commit an indecent act. A new post was made on social media later that day to advise that the same car was seen at approximately 7pm that evening, parked in the same location. The car drove away as soon as an attempt was made to take a photograph.Social media posts indicate that a photograph has been taken of the car and the registration number, and details have been passed to the police.

Alert: report of an incident in the Rowley Regis area

 Reported by St Michael’s Church of England High School on Wednesday 20 September 2017 (am)

A parent of a student rang the school this morning to advise that at approximately 8.20am yesterday, on his way to school, a white transit van drove at speed, slammed on the brakes and stopped behind the student. One of the two men in the van got out and followed the student into the alley by Fallowfield Road, Rowley Regis. The man continued to follow him up the alleyway, and the student then ran off.The student described the two males as being white, aged approximately late 20’s, early 30’s. The man that followed the student had shaved hair and wore a hoodie. 

Alert: report of an incident in the Oldbury area
Reported by Q3 Academy Langley on Thursday 21 September 2017 (am)
 It was reported to the academy that a white van drove up Moat Road, on Monday at 3.15pm,  pulled over (just before Q3 Langley) and the male driver and passenger verbally swore at, and put their middle finger up to our students. The van then drove away.   The two men in the van were described as white, and one had a tattoo and wore a GAP cap.
This has been reported to the police.

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