Alert: 5.1.18 and 10.1.18


Reported by St Michael’s Church of England High School [pm]
We have received a report that a student was walking to school this morning [Wednesday 10 January 2018] when a white Land Rover pulled alongside the student and beeped the horn twice. In the driving seat there a bald‑headed man, wearing a blue tracksuit, and a woman in the passenger seat. The woman signalled the student to go towards the car but the student walked away and the vehicle drove off.
The police have been notified. 

ALERT for Schools – Incident in West Bromwich Area 5.1.18
A man believed to be of Romanian origin accosted a girl of secondary age under the sub way by Big Johns takeawayin West Bromwich whilst she was walking to school. Apparently a similar incident to another child has occurred the previous day. Also what is believed to be the same person has been reported for exposing himself in the local area.
The Police are aware of the situation and there will be a Police presence this evening in the area.

Alert: report of an incident in the Smethwick area
Reported by Crocketts Community Primary School on Thursday 11 January 2018 [pm]
On Wednesday 10 January 2017, at approximately 4pm on Smethwick High Street, a seven year-old girl was grabbed by a man. He approached her as she walked home with her sister and auntie. The man held the girl’s hand and pulled her towards him. Her sister and auntie intervened.
The girl did not know the man.
Description: Asian male, with dark hair.

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