Our uniform

We are encouraged to look smart at all times.

School Uniform


-        Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers, white blouse and school tie (we are phasing out green skirts/pinafores)

-        A green gingham dress in summer   

-        Green cardigan, jumper or v-neck sweatshirt

-        Green fleece (for outdoor use only)

-        Black shoes not boots** (all year)

-        Grey or green tights or white socks

-        Hair bands etc. in school colours only

-        NO make-up, nail varnish, jewellery* or fashion accessories


-        Grey trousers, white shirt and school tie

-        Green jumper or v-neck sweatshirt

-        Green fleece (for outdoor use only)

-        Black sensible shoes. Not boots** (all year)

-        No jewellery *

* Jewellery is limited to one pair of studs and a watch. Bands worn for religious reasons are  allowed but should  either be removed for PE or covered with a wrist sweat band.

** During bad weather pupils may wear boots to and from school but are expected to change into appropriate school shoes throughout the day.

  During the summer months short sleeved white shirts (not polo shirts) may be worn with a school tie and boys can wear grey knee length school    shorts (not ¾ trousers).

Trainers must not be worn in school unless there is a medical reason to do so.

 For health and safety open-toed sandals are not allowed.

 For Physical Education:

                                    House colour polo shirt with or without the school logo

                                    Black football shorts


                                    This can be viewed in the school office to avoid errors

                                    All classes to have black sports trousers and trainers 

                                    for outdoor PE.

Swimming                   Towel / Trunks / Costume (not Bermudas)